Melatonin Tablets – Why Take Melatonin Tablets

The body’s pineal gland naturally makes the hormone melatonin that regulates a person’s sleep-wake cycle. The secretion of this hormone is affected by light. It secrets more when it is dark, which is why people get sleepy at night.

When the body does not secrete adequate amounts of this hormone or if jet lag affects a person’s sleep, taking melatonin capsules before bed can help a person sleep more soundly and stay asleep.

Studies have shown that melatonin to have other benefits as well, such as antioxidant properties that help slow the aging process. Research continues on this and other benefits of melatonin.

Common uses of melatonin tablets

The most common use for melatonin tablets is to help people with mild sleep disorders or jet lag. Healthy adults can safely take the supplement to aid in sleep and avoid waking up several times in the night. This makes the pills a safe alternative to sleeping pills that can be addictive and are less effective the more they are used.

Melatonin Tablets

Whether taking melatonin or sleeping pills, it is advised to use the sleep aids short term. Long-term effects of melatonin use is not known, so for safety reasons only use the supplement for up to two months at a time.

Other uses of melatonin tablets

There are also other uses and benefits for melatonin tablets. Taking up to 10 milligrams each night before bed can reduce the occurrence of cluster headaches.

Melatonin used under the tongue is effective in calming patients before surgery. The melatonin supplement is also used to help reduce withdrawal symptoms in people who are quitting smoking. The tablets taken after stopping cigarette use helps reduce restlessness, depression, irritability and cigarette cravings.

Cravings can be delayed for up to 10 hours if the melatonin is taken within three and one-half hours after smoking a cigarette. Since the body’s production of melatonin decreases as a person ages, it helps older adults sleep through the night.

Where to buy melatonin tablets

There are many websites selling melatonin supplements in the USA, but in Europe trying to buy melatonin tablets this is a different matter. Most European counties have banned the sale of Melatonin tablets especially in the UK.

Seasonal Affect Disorder and Melatonin

Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) is a condition characterized by depression symptoms in the winter months. This condition is believed to be tied to the body’s release of melatonin.

People with SAD release melatonin in the morning hours instead of night, making them drowsy and not alert in the morning. In some SAD patients, melatonin tablets taken in small doses before bedtime has been shown to help the mood problems associated with the condition. This is controversial, as some believe this is false. Talk with a doctor before taking melatonin for SAD or any type of sleep disorder.