Top Ten Famous Museums in London

london tourist sites“When a male is fed up with London, he’s tired of living. For there’s in London all that life is able to afford,” stated Dr. Samuel Johnson. London is a fashionable city of England but has serious Roman origins. Houses of Parliament, the stunning’ Big Ben’ clock tower, Westminster Abbey, Thames River are several of the highlights of scintillating London City.

The scrumptious cuisines of London is a good part of London tourist.


Let us find out the top ten famous museums in London.

1. Museum of London

The Museum of London may be the largest urban museum on the planet filled with historic exhibits as well as things depicting the rich heritage of London. The displays dating again to 1666 to the current time could be found in this case.

2. British Museum

The British Museum is a world famous site at SEO London that displays the works of artists from early times to present times from all around the planet. The Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures and also the mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection would be the fantastic collections of this particular school.

3. Design Museum

The Design Museum is among the world’s top place dedicated to design that is contemporary in every form as furniture, architecture, graphics, industrial design and then lot a bit more. The standard exhibitions in it stand for the wealthy creativity of the many artists and represent the importance of its on the public. Entry that is free is provided to the general public.

4. Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum exhibits the accounts of the brave individuals who existed, struggled as well as deceased in the fight of First World War to the existing. The very first World War Galleries, the job of the United Nations, and the Holocaust Exhibition may be discovered in this specific place. The visitors doesn’t have to pay to go to this appealing place.

5. London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum houses exhibits that stand for the travel and also links it together with the social and cultural historical past of London. Over eighty cars which had been used before 200 years can be viewed here that will symbolize the story of London. A white Routemaster bus and also the world’s very first Underground vapor train are the renowned displays of it. There are several gorgeous posters and artwork that is incredible in the museum together with various other exhibits.

6. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum contains the finest collection of the greatest, tallest and rarest animals on the planet. The dinosaur convention is a good highlight of it. A life sized blue whale, a 40-million-year-old spider, and the gorgeous Central Hall are additional attractions of it. Entry that is free is granted to the site visitors.

7. Royal Museums Greenwich

The site visitors stopping at Royal Museums Greenwich is able to immerse themselves in the captivating historical past of London. It provides the National Maritime, the Queen’s House, the Royal Observatory together with the Peter Harrison Planetarium and the excellent tea clipper Cutty Sark.

8. Science Museum

Science Museum is a good attraction for science geeks that has most exhibits explaining science principle of the universe. The guests are able to observe, touch as well as comprehend the main medical inventions of the past 300 yrs. The complex of its even offers an Imax cinema hall. Entry that is free is supplied for the visitors.

9. Victoria and Albert Museum

The Albert and Victoria Museum in London exhibits art as well as design dating again to 3,000 years from all around the planet. The finest assortment of antique furniture, metalwork, sculpture, paintings, and textiles are observed in the Albert and Victoria location.

10. Bank of England Museum

The museum is focused on the story of the Bank of England, right from the foundation of its in 1694 to the job of its in the current time. The guests are able to pay a trip to the Bank of England and also look at the exceptional group of coins and banknotes. A genuine yellow bar is placed on display in the Bank of England.

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