Marketing and promotional activities in the 21st century is all about connecting with the correct people in the proper manner and providing the required basic information. In quite contrast to logging on to Facebook and Twitter account all through the day, it is a concept that involves time management, knowing what the audience wants and giving them that required details. With this, the media marketing can reach great heights of success.

Differentiating between various responses from different sites:

In specifically this marketing world, social media has a huge role to play. In case of various campaigns, both in the online and offline mode, different companies respond in different manner. Hence, it is important to keep a track of that, and act accordingly. Whereas retail based industries are more responsive to Pinterest and Instagram, there are certain other websites that are specifically responsive to Twitter and Facebook. So, it is important that a classification is made in regards to this, and further details are placed in that manner.

With Pinterest, people can chalk out their own fashion domain, and can opt to click through the pictures and set up their own choices that does not match up with the provided brands. Doesn’t that answer the query as to how steel brands get enthusiasts who are more concerned with heels?

Small Business Facebook Likes

Garnering personal experience:

On a personal note, I have found, the key to this is staying focused. It is important to know what the company’s major plus points and negative aspects are, what a company is best at, and how it operates! There is no reason for being ‘different’ or ‘comic’ if that does not match the brand value of the company.

As I was given the task of garnering Facebook likes, I learnt my lesson. In spite of working consistently on getting the correct ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, I was not succeeding in getting enough votes. I kept on changing my company’s profile and timeline to include various natural aspects, though we are not remotely related to a travel agency or photographers, but to no avail! That is when I decided to ask the question: “What is my company best at and what are we trying to achieve in that space?’’

Ways to succeed:

It is then that it struck me, that I was merely using Facebook as a tool to promote the company and not as means to know and understand the demands of the customers. Changing the timeline to represent the company in the better manner, I, started concentrating on garnering more information about customers. Immediate responses started pouring in!

In this way, by means of our social media incentives, we started to interact and respond to our customers by means of media campaigns. It is very important to focus on the quality of likes, and niche for the customers rather than quantity. So it is advisable that a proper Facebook only campaign be conducted that would help in making sure that customers who are not interested can leave the site, and settings be adjusted post their exits.

Tips to form a proper online consumer community:

With these tips, you will be able to get a better way to make sure that niche customers are part of your Facebook campaign only.

Tip 1: Know about the core facilities and products of your company and stay focused on that itself. Analyse your strengths and capitalize on that.

Tip 2: Check out what different forums and hobby groups have to say about your products and determine products in that regard.

Tip 3: Rather than forcing customers with your products, be a source of information for them. This would help them in choosing products in a better manner.

Tip 4: Make your products are easily accessible to the world market by using plugins from social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Make it easier for your customers to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on your products. This will help in providing proper feedback for improvement.

Tip 5: Go in a slow and steady mode. This will help in providing a strong base to your products and add up to your company’s primary objectives.

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