Coral calcium was made famous as a health supplement when it was cited by the world’s oldest man (at the time), Shigechiyo Izumi, as the secret to his remarkably long and healthy life.

Mr. Izumi was 115 years old at the time.

But it was not simply this one-off case that sparked global interest in the remarkable healing properties of coral calcium, but also the observation of the journalist who interviewed him that the rest of the population in that area, many of whom consumed this form of calcium as part of their daily diets, all lived incredibly long and healthy lives.

In fact, it was rare they said, that people in that region failed to reach their ninety-fifth birthdays.

Coral Calcium

Live long with Coral calcium

Obviously, extraordinarily well-funded researchers were sent in to determine the cause of this extreme good health, and found that the secret was almost certainly in the water that they were drinking, which was filtered down through ancient coral reefs and into the town’s drinking supply.

The water was incredibly high in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, and very alkaline, which lends it some very special health benefits.

What other role Coral calcium plays in human body?

We have more calcium in our bodies than any other mineral, due mainly to its role as a substantial constituent in our bones and teeth.

But calcium has many other jobs to do in the human body, including the maintenance of a healthy pH level, which directly impacts the effectiveness of the immune system and the functioning of nerves, as well as the efficiency of our digestion.

It can also alter the way in which we digest fat, and our metabolic rate, with some studies showing that people in excellent health tended to have a slightly alkaline pH, while people who were ill had a slightly acidic pH.

This could well be down to the respective levels of calcium in their bodies, both the pH and the relative health of the subjects.